In any event, if you start hearing from a dealer "this
a solid investment, which is going to get you a 30% return
in two years or "I'll buy it back," or you feel a strong
pressure to purchase right now, these are danger signals
that you are dealing with the wrong person. If the artwork
seems to be a lot of money, be very cautious about checking
into the values and reputation of the artist because this
dealer may be trying to sell you a bill of goods.
There are some art galleries, especially in tourist
destinations, which have perfected "The 5 minute art
presentation." These presentations will include statements
such as "Oh well--he sells out immediately, her artwork
never lasts long and you better buy it right now or else
tomorrow we won't have one." Sometimes the art dealer is
telling you the honest truth. But in most cases, this is an
art market high-pressure sales tactic, which you can
ignore. Remember you are only buying this piece because
you felt a connection to it.
A good way of making sure you're not going to lose
out on the piece you love while doing some deliberate
research is to leave a deposit. This gives you 1-2 days to
think about the work after your research. Make sure the
gallery writes you a deposit receipt with the words Fully
Refundable Deposit on the receipt.
And if they happen to sell the work you love and it
becomes lost to you, please don't call me to complain.