What You Should Buy
This again depends on you... I've had clients march
into the gallery with the intention of purchasing an original
by an artist and yet purchase a reproduction instead,
because the image on the reproduction was the one they felt
strongest about and the original had been sold.
If you are buying art and are more interested in the
financial value than anything else, buy the original. If not
then buy what you love, original or reproduction. But for
what it's worth I'll give you my take on what to buy.
The two top Medias I personally like, as far as
reproductions go, are serigraphy and Giclea. I feel these
media draw aesthetically close to the original painting. I
don't have a crystal ball, but I think, as time goes
forward serigraphy will be priced higher and higher as it
becomes less and less available and the demand for Giclées
will continue to rise. Therefore, the rarity of serigraphy will
probably make it a higher value; while the popularity of
Giclées makes them a most desired media.