What You Should Expect To Pay
How much you can expect to pay for fine art totally
rests on your shoulders. I've seen clients who come close to
billionaire status walk into the gallery, and walk out smiling
with a $150 artwork. With this said, you will notice your
taste in art and your ability to collect it go hand in hand. It's
very rare a person walks into a gallery, who is not
tremendously affluent, and just absolutely can't live without
a $300,000 piece. We all tend to gravitate towards things at
the right level for us, even if we don't know it. If it's
$200,000 and you can afford it and you love it, get it.
When you're getting ready to pull out the charge
c a r d , remember with wall art the price usually goes up
slowly as an addition sells through, but definitely expect to
pay more for the original.
Original art works by somewhat known artists will
start at 9 or 10 thousand dollars and go for as much as 15
thousand dollars. As the artist becomes better know, you'll
see prices go into 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars. After the
artist breaks into fifty or more galleries you will see prices
starting at 70 thousand dollars and go beyond the 200
thousand dollar value point.  If the artist becomes an
acknowledged master, you'll see prices in the millions of
dollars. It's still very difficult for an artist to really become
financially affluent because most artists achieve values in the
millions only after their passing.
You may find many galleries who exclusively sell
originals and will not deal with any reproductions. I feel
v e r y  strongly about this because, in my opinion,
reproductions are truly a great way for collectors to benefit
from the beauty and value of artwork without having to
spend monies not immediately affordable to them.