Unless you plan on calling `the psychic friends
hotline', don't listen to any one who tells you...
"This artist will be worth x number of dollars in the
next so many years."
Don't listen to any art dealer who tells you
"This artist has been perfecting their craft for so many
years and is now finding a strong niche."
The amount of time an artist has been an artist really
does not matter. There is no way of quantifying by weight
or measure those guaranteed immortal fame and those who
will have a shorter capped career. You must do your own
research and answer for yourself where you see the artist in
terms of value and your desire to acquire their work.
Remember an artist may issue a general edition,
these edition sizes can range anywhere from 50 to 500
editions and still be of a reputable value. Artists do a service
to collectors by maintaining edition sizes, which create
collectability. In my opinion, the collector should really view
anything over an edition of 500 with suspicion because this
is quite a number of reproductions out on the market.