Why Dead Artist Are Worth More Than
Live Ones
Most artists are not fully appreciated until much later
after they've passed on, because in dying the artist seals off
any future artworks from being created. This generates an
insular market for their artworks due to the number of
pieces in circulation. If the artist was incredibly prolific and
there are several thousand accepted pieces out there, it's of
no matter because; the inability of the artist to ever
create another piece increases the perceived value of
the pieces already on the market immediately.
The real question then becomes what happens after
an artists' passing?
Does a spouse or publisher continue to promote the
work and push it forward even though the artist is no
longer living?
Will the heirs of the copyrights sell off the artwork for
whatever possible or are they going to create events
enhancing the artists' reputation?
Are museum exhibitions scheduled?
Has this artist been granted posthumous honors by a
recognizable institution or country of birth or
Are prices continuing to appreciate?
Is there an established tracking of values for pieces
sold and bought on the secondary market?