Where Should An Artist Have Studied
Interestingly enough the training an artist receives
through various avenues and schools is not all that
important. In our day-to-day lives, we tend to think a Yale
graduate has more ability than one who graduated from a
state college, but in the art world no one is looking for
certificates on a wall. They're looking for the artist who is
reaching you and ten thousand other people.
On the other hand, lets say you're traveling to a
paradise island and a native artist catches your eye, but this
is the only gallery carrying their pieces; then the prices
should reflect this. If you see originals by a native in one
gallery for 20-40 thousand dollars, I think you are looking at
a very unreasonable value. My experience in the art market
tells me this artwork should be worth 4-12 thousand dollars
depending on the size and volume of the work.
Of course if the thing is 40 feet long, you can make
your own judgment. But `Walrus on Beach at Noon' by an
artist who admittedly works out of a garage and was once a
chiropractor, should have a fair value $3-4 thousand dollars
When I moved to Sedona, AZ and before opening my
own gallery, there was a piece with a similar name being
sold by a local art dealer. `Bear Chasing Eagle' it was titled,
and it was done in a southwest motif, with an asking price of
approximately $38,000.  Asking this kind of price for an
artist who has never been seen outside of one local gallery
puzzles me profoundly and still does. It's just too insane
to make any sense whatsoever!