What Defines An Artist's Reputation
The artist reputation is defined first by the buying
public. Look for an artist to be carried in several galleries
across the country. Next, artist reputation is defined by the
major collections in which works are housed. For example if
you see an artist:
In the collections of large corporations.
Exhibiting in permanent public displays
In collections of national or international
museum, this is a very important
This artist has done monumental works
commissioned by corporations, public or private
institutions, cities, or governments.
This artist has been doing one man shows
around the world for at least three years
To get the right feel for how important an artist has
become, simply judge for yourself how many galleries you
see carrying his or her work.
Here are some guidelines to go by:
10-12 galleries--- The artist is established but still on
his or her way up.
30-40 galleries--- The artist is established and will
continue to grow unless they do something to hamper
their own career.