How To Tell An Artists' True Value
Use the Internet to find a list of galleries carrying the
artist you're interested in. A quick typing of the artist name
into a search engine will usually point out at least 5 or 10
galleries carrying the artist. Be sure you have the correct
spelling or you may wind up with a different person.
Another point about online artist searches is, the sponsor
links coming up first tend to be large, well established
galleries which will probably quote you prices close to the
retail price asked by the artist's retail price list. As you start
to go down the list you will find other galleries who are more
open to some negotiation on these pieces.
The most important thing you can do is discover for
yourself as much as possible about the artist whose work
you fall in love with. This is important for a few reasons.
One, it gives you insight into the person who created the
artwork you found yourself falling in love with. Two, it gives
you a feeling for how mature in their work the artist has
become. Three, you will learn how often they exhibit works
and where these exhibitions take place. In case you ever
want to meet this artist contact your gallery or other
gallery carrying their work, and ask where the next
exhibition is taking place. The fourth and most
important for looking into an artist is, learning about their
It's an artist's reputation which really sets the price
you're going to pay for the artwork. The reputation of an
artist is the one thing absolutely guaranteed to affect
the price of their artwork. Therefore, the more you find
out about an artist and his or her reputation, the better you
will understand if the price a gallery is asking is a fair market
value, or if it's more an indication of how much rent they