Knowing An Artist You May Want To
A good way to spot an artist who is going to be
someone of note is to look for a strong unusual and
consistent style all their own. If you see an artist billed as
someone who paints `in the style of who-or-whatever',
this is a fair indication this artist is not going to be well
remembered. To paint in the style of someone else is to
stand in his or her shadow.
Many artists will look at another artist's genius and
say, "Wow, I sincerely admire this person's work." And
since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the artist
starts to paint in a style very similar to the one they admire.
For artists, the true gift of genius comes from beyond
themselves. They are driven to create in a certain way. The
way they choose to express their genius becomes their
signature style and something unique in the world. In the
art world the innovator is the one who gets the
credit, not the imitator. Therefore, if an artwork or
artist is an imitation of something or someone else,
unless you love the piece without concern for its
value, stay away.
If you're a collector who wants to see the value of
your artwork go up dramatically it's important to make sure
your favorite artist is someone who has created
something unique. Your artist should have his or her own
signature style or a modification of an accepted style
creating a new effect for which they are credited.
Artists tend to have humble beginnings because their
name and reputation are not fulfilled. Over the years, an
artist will develop, refine, and change methods to a point in