Who Is An Artist?
An interesting question often asked is, "Who is an
In the United States, the cultural view of expertise is
definitely somewhat blurred. A little girl taking ballet class is
considered a ballerina but there is a big difference between
h e r and someone dancing professionally for the Bolshoi
Theater in Moscow. The same goes for artists who paint or
sculpt. Every one of us has an artist within; most of us feel
driven to express at least a small part of our self via a
certain media.
This distinction, however, is a world apart from being
an artist who's living is earned through their art.
Professional artists are people who have found a particular
voice in themselves. In fact, when you see an incredible
artist with 5 or 6 different styles doing amazing paintings of
everything from still-life to landscapes to nude; the hidden
truth is this artist has not yet found their maturity and a
voice consistent throughout their work.
Mature artists have the ability whereby, if they do a
still-life, a nude or anything else, they transfer their style on
to the canvas without effort or thought. You are able to
notice the hand behind the work so strongly even a true
neophyte knowing nothing about art should be able to
comment... "this is the artist I just saw the nude from
even though I am looking at a bowl of cherries."