Chapter 4
Getting To Know An Artist
While visiting an exhibition away from home, the
fabulous painter Mary Cassatt was having a random
conversation with strangers comparing noteworthy painters.
"But you are forgetting a foreign painter who Degas ranks
very highly." Commented one of the group. "Who is that?"
Cassatt asked.  "Mary Cassatt," came the reply.  Mary
Cassatt thought the stranger to be paying her a compliment
and humbly replied- "Oh, nonsense!" This angered the
stranger who told Mary she was just jealous and then
walked away
The moral of the story: It's not always so easy to get to
know your artist.
The first place to start when getting to know your
artist is by knowing how they got into the gallery where you
saw them displayed. There are only two ways for an artist
to get into a gallery.  Most artist start by representing
themselves and independently contacting galleries with
samples of their work as a way of getting their art sold.
Once an artist gains some recognition galleries will
begin to contact them.  After developing beyond the
beginning stages of their career some artists will elect to
sign a contract with an art publisher. Art publishers will
selectively represent artists; handle all business matters
including the reproduction cost, marketing cost and
the gallery placement. The publisher also receives the
majority of profits from the sale, and the artist is paid a