person the freedom to say, "Hey, I love this piece, I
can't afford the original, on the other hand it's
something I am in love with and want to have in my
house to enjoy and to live with, and that's it!" The
value or price of a piece should have nothing to do with the
love generated by an art form. It is in this time, the time of
our renaissance, where artists can finally offer their
collecting public something of notable quality at a price most
people can afford.
In this major turning point each of us has the
awesome responsibility to find our own taste and realize
our empowerment to make the choice of whether
something will be in our life or not. No longer will we
rely on an anonymous authority to tell us which work is
important and which belongs in a museum, we will now
choose for ourselves the importance of a work and build
personal museums in our homes.
In times to come, the end of the 20th century and the
beginning of the 21st century will be recognized as the first
time in history when the average person became a giant
voice in art. A time when all those who love art left a mark
on it's legacy, something once reserved for politicians,
religious leaders and wealthy citizens. A power and right
returned to the people by the people. Welcome to...
Your Art Renaissance!