Today's Art Renaissance...
The People's Art Renaissance!
We're standing at the dawn of a new era.  While
we're taking this very tour there is an art renaissance being
born all across the globe. The availability of reproductions in
a very high quality and at a low cost is changing the
landscape of the art world forever. This silent change has
sparked a transformation, whose surge will be felt centuries
from now and be proclaimed as The People's Art
Art has always been trendy with those who could
afford it. The reason why when you walk around a museum
you notice endless pictures of rich merchants, dukes and
queens is because they were the only one's who could afford
to commission an artist back then. Today, people no longer
have to be the Medicis, the Guggenheims, the Gettys, or the
Rockefellers in order to have a striking art collection. There
is no more system of private patronage where an artist is
supported by a single individual, beholden unto them and
suffering the possibility of dying in a street corner from
starvation. You, me and our neighbors are the new
patrons of today's art! The market has broadened widely
with a rapidly growing customer base, making popular
acclaim among collectors a powerful currency for the artists.
This is creating a profound change in the way the art
industry views collectors and the way it is managed.
Many artists today with enormously successful careers
touch the lives of millions of people with something akin to
love, and yet are never even looked at by "the
established art critics." With today's maturing art market
the idea of an `arts critic' in someway being an authority on
art has become passť and a misnomer. Art critics are the
people buying the art, those people who speak with their