A Final Addition To Editions
Limited edition sizes really depend on, for lack of a
better reality, the greed of the publisher or artist involved.
Edition sizes, by honest publishers and artists, are always
tempered with keeping the artists reputation and
values on the rise. Editions over 500 in size are not to be
considered a serious attempt at a limited edition; unless the
artist has a very large following.
There are many artists whose editions creep into the
thousands and this has adverse affects on the resale value
later on. The more prints there are, the more likely there
will be lots of people selling them.  Because people
eventually realize, this is not where I want my money.
Another marketing ploy, which has adverse effects on the
value of artist and their work, is the selling of multiple
edition sizes.
You may find an edition sold in two sizes. Perhaps
the original was done on an over-sized canvas and thus you
will have a reproduction in the over-size and one in a more
standard dimension. However, if you start seeing four, five
or even more sizes available, forget the idea of this work
ever gaining in value. What you will see is a limited edition
of 200 in one size, then a limited edition of 300 in another
size, and then you may see a "hand-embellished" limited
edition of 150 pieces in a totally different size. This is not
a very ethical approach to collectors!!!
Before you know it there are three-thousand editions
to the is "limited-edition."  My personal advice, unless you
love the piece and can't live without it, don't buy it.