Everything You Need To Know About
Reproduced Paintings
The reproduction of paintings is mostly done on
canvas with a minority done on paper. In General there are
four conventional and accepted ways to create a
There are also poster prints done of fine art. But this
is a special subject we'll look at towards the end of this
The most recent and most revolutionary form of art
reproduction came with the advent of Giclée printing,
(pronounced: Gee-clay). Giclée printing is far less costly and
easier to work with than other reproduction techniques; it
also offers excellent quality and a virtually unlimited range of
color selection.
Giclée printers work with current digital technologies.
For an artist to create a Giclée they can either scan the
entire original painting into the computer system, which
operates the Giclée printer, or they can have a high
definition photograph taken of it. The high definition photos
are done in 8x10 or 4x5, at which point these are scanned
into the computer, where the artist can then color match the
original piece to the digital images.
A Giclée printer can output billions of colors, many
more colors than your eye can see, providing awesome color
fidelity. This process also gives your painting a long life;