Mixed Media
Right now the final stop on our visit to Fine Arts
Types and the Media They Love is a less known style called
Mixed Media art.
Mixed Media art can come from pretty much
anything. I've seen mixed media figure art made from
paper maché you would swear were real people. At the end
of the day, mixed media allows an artist to create three
dimensional wall art, dynamic sculptures, and often fine art
works which cannot be easily categorized.
There's a great story, which gives a perfect example
of how deep and far reaching any artist can be when they
become a master of their chosen media:
Yousuf Karsh, a man whose work with photography
is as famous as it is breathtaking; once had the Spanish
cellist and composer Pablo Casals as a subject at his studio.
Yousuf Karsh was so moved by listening to Pablo Casals play
Bach during the photo session he could not attend to taking
pictures. Yousuf, who never had anyone pose facing away
from the camera before, was questioned about this decision
later but all he said in response was, "It just seemed
Some time thereafter the photograph went on exhibit
at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. Every day, as the
story goes, an elderly gentleman would come and stand
starring at the painting without thought to the countless
minutes which would pass. A museum curator, no longer
able to restrain his curiosity, approached the elderly visitor
and politely inquired as to why he came here everyday to
stare at the same painting for so long. The curator was met