Arts & Crafts
Often people ask, "What's the difference between art
and craft?"
The answer is simple; "One man's craft is another
man's art."
The only personal "difference" I have been able to
make between the two is, craft demands a keen intrinsic skill
be used in order to create a piece which will dazzle your
eyes and provide a wonder to see. Art also shares the need
for intrinsic skill, but when applied the final piece will
communicate directly with your soul, mind, and body all at
A vague definition, maybe?... but it's the only
one I have.
Unfortunately, craft has gotten a bad reputation and
stigma for being associated with trinket and knick-knack
shops.  I think this unfair because there are master
craftsman who produce heavenly work, which easily rivals
the traditional arts any day of the week.  When in
doubt remember, "One man's craft is another man's art."