Trusting Your Taste
Never mind what the decorator, gallery owner, or art
critic's newspaper column has to say. When you're thinking
about buying a piece ask yourself the following questions...
Does this piece jump out and pull me right in?
Does it softly wrap itself around the whole
of my body and speak to me?
How did this piece strike me the first, second,
and third time I viewed it?
How much more alive do I feel than
before seeing the piece?
Can I live without this piece in my life?
Armed and armored with the answers to these
questions you know as much about art as any critic in the
Of course some may say "well, this would make
anyone's art, good art." And others will say "well, this
makes everyone an art critic." Here's a funny story that
would prove everybody right!
Picasso once became engaged in a heated debate
with a woman over his art. After a long exchange of words
the woman yells at Picasso, "my daughter can paint like
that!" To which Picasso replied, "congratulations Madame,
your daughter is a genius!"