It's O.K. To Buy Whatever You Like...
As Long As You're Informed
The experts in today's art field can't tell you what to
buy, nor can they make any claims without bias and agenda.
The biggest secret in the art industry is, with art the only
thing to count is your taste. The knowing and trusting of
our own attractions makes each of us genuine art experts,
especially when it comes to choosing art we love.
You see, a "professional" art expert may have
technical knowledge, historical information and if they have
enough experience they'll be able to spot forgeries. But no
one can tell you what's good or bad art. Nor can they say
with any truth (beyond opinion) who is a good artist and
who is a bad artist.
As you continue to grow in love for art, you will find
many things attracting your attention.  Through your
interaction with these pieces you will learn to trust
your taste.