The Four Things You Must Know About
Fine Art
The first thing to know is, there is nothing mystic
about the art world! It may be an industry of odd quirks
and weird behavior, but there is a method to its madness, as
you will soon discover.
Second, no matter how recognized and accredited an
academia art critic is, no matter the history of the artist, or
how important their work is, in the end whatever is said
about the art is only subjective taste.
Third, memorize the most profound words ever
s p o k e n  in  art...  "Everyone's art is individual. "
Remember, all the fancy lingo and intellectual art terms for
periods, styles, techniques, and etc. mean nothing when it
comes to finding the art you love and communicating with it
as it does with you.
Fourth, the most important thing you must
know about fine art is your personal taste. Your taste
dictates what you buy, why you bought it, and how you feel
after acquiring the piece. Your taste is a reflection of
your soul. You must feel empowered to trust your self and
the art which naturally attracts you. Before listening to
art experts and so-called professionals, listen to