Chapter 1
What Is Fine Art
A general art dictionary definition of "fine art" reads
like this:
Fine Art - An art form created primarily as an
aesthetic expression to be enjoyed for its own sake. The
viewer must be prepared to search for the intent of the artist
as the all-important first step toward communication and
active participation.
Let me say after growing up around fine art and eight
years as a gallery owner, I still have a hard time
understanding what this means!
A warmer definition of fine art comes from Fredrick
Hart, a notably famous American sculptor who once said,
"Art must be something which ennobles the soul,
something which makes a person strive to be better
than they are."
This I've always understood.
I believe fine art is something which touches your
soul and flames your personal desire for the better. There
are several media used to display fine art, but nothing can
define fine art clearer than the experience, which the art
itself inspires within you.
At the end of the day, fine art, like all art, is seen
through bias perception and filters of personal preference.
You cannot look to anyone outside of yourself to give
you your personal definition of fine art.