Klim and I are both blessed in that we've been
exposed to the inside of the art world. And, we both desire
to educate those who want to add tremendous beauty to
their lives through art.
We live in a fabulous age where quality art is more
readily available today than ever before. Whether over the
Internet, from a local artist at an art show down the street,
or from a gallery across the country, we have ample
opportunity to build a collection we love.
Still, some buyers find art to be a risky purchase.
Quite frankly, any large purchase can seem risky without
knowing how the system works. You wouldn't buy a house
or a car without conducting a reasonable amount of
research. And, enough people have done it that you have an
idea of what the due diligence is before you make your
purchase. Plus, if you're working with someone you trust, it
makes the whole process easier.
From Klim's vantage point as a gallery owner, he
shares his knowledge of the industry to help you make an
informed decision as a buyer. He tells you what the due
diligence is for this type of purchase. And, he builds a level
of trust within you, so you can feel confident as your
collection grows.
Purchasing and owning art is one of life's fantastic
pleasures. Whenever you shop, keep this book handy as a
guide. And, take the opportunity to meet Klim. You'll be glad
you did.
Cindi R. Maciolek
Author, The Basics of Buying Art
Las Vegas, Nevada June 2005