My own love affair with art began at a very young
age. While I could write since the age of 4, my drawing
abilities have always left much to be desired. That's one of
the reasons I admire and respect artists so much. Not only
do they create beauty from within, they are able to do it in
such a visual manner.
As a teenager, I totally fell for works by Renoir and
Magritte. I collected posters, postcards and books, but
lessons in school were more focused on art history or
lessons in how to paint. No one spoke about the
contemporary art scene or how to build a collection.
My whole world opened up when I began to gallery
hop with a dear friend. I was able to meet the actual artists
who were creating these contemporary treasures. What a
blessing to be able to shake the hands and get inside the
minds of these new Masters who now walk among us. I've
learned their toils and troubles, their sadness and their
successes. I shared a brownie with LeRoy Neiman, and
visited Chemiakin's studio at his invitation. I could only
imagine what it must have been like to walk among the
great artists in history, to share stories and break bread with
them. In the end, however, it is the art the creation that
remains and speaks to the soul for generations.
With such a vast world of passion and expression at
our fingertips, many potential collectors view the art world
from the outside and find it shrouded in mystery. The
purpose of this exercise is to welcome you to the inside
right where you belong.