Gallery Manners
Chapter 8: The Art Of Art Negotiation
The Final Word On Art Negotiation.
Chapter 9: Glass As Fine Art
Your Ten Minute Tour Of Murano Italy
The V.I.P. Tour
The Bus Tour
Buying Your Glass Piece
Chapter 10: Selling Art You Own
 How To Know When It's Time To Sell
 How To Spot A Master Value Item
Chapter 11: Fakes, Forgeries, And Knock-Off's
The Wall Art Hustle
Sculpture Schemes
Chapter 12: Protecting Your Art
Getting Your Art Insured
Crying Over Spilt Milk
Come Rain Sleet Sunshine Or Snow
Through Your Looking Glass
Chapter 13: How To Display Your Art Better Than
Most Galleries
Taking It Light
Lighting Your Wall Art
Lighting Your Sculpture
Putting Your Love On A Pedestal