Chapter 4: Getting To Know An Artist
 Who Is An Artist
 Knowing An Artist You May Want to Collect
 How To Tell An Artist's True Value
 What Defines An Artist Reputation
 Where Should An Artist Have Studied
 Why Dead Artist Are Worth More Than Live Ones
 Important Note
Chapter 5: Buying Art For Yourself
Things To Know Before You Start Buying Art
The Basics To Buying Art
What You Should Expect To Pay
What You Should Buy
Buying Art As An Investment
Art Market Trends
Buying Sculpture for Yourself
Sculpture Savvy
Sculpture Editions
Buying Art On The Road
Bright Lights Big City And Killer Rent
Buying Art To Make Your House A Home
Chapter 6: Everything You Need TO Know About
Buying Art Online
Art On EBay
Online Art Brokers
More Online Art Scams
Chapter 7: Art Galleries And Art Dealers
Dirty Art Gallery Secrets
How To Beat The Mark-Down Scam
Knowing Your Art Dealer