There are so many wonderful human beings who
have stood behind my work and this book; I'd have to write
a whole chapter to thank them all by name. But there are
some who have given more to me than I could ever thank
them enough for.
Without my wife and the guidance bestowed upon us
by the Universe none of this would be possible.
I could never thank my friend and business partner
Bruce M. Goldstein in ten books for what his commitment
and dedication have done. For it was the seed you planted
which gave root to these pages.
I would like to thank our friends the Pritzker family of
Chicago, whose vision and pioneering spirit have done more
for art and our society as a whole than anyone will ever
Thank you to all our extended family at Visions Fine
Art Gallery, you mean more to me than words can say. Your
daily investment of care, compassion and love make it all
seem like magic.
Klim Altman